What we do

PRWeekes serves business by reaching a far bigger market, through public relations.

Actions speak louder than words: our creative approach brings rewarding results.

PRWeekes makes your message stand out.

It provides a helping hand, to link with the public and business community.

Experience is everything. Our photo journalism maintains the high profile that helps our clients thrive, among the Top 100 charities and businesses: with cost-effective ways to avoid being 'out of sight, out of mind.'

Derek Weekes, director of PRWeekes public relations consultants, draws on more than 30 years' experience as a journalist and public relations professional, and a network of contacts in the media, to elevate your company profile, in regional Press, trade magazines or radio/websites/electronic media.

From small to large companies, charities and trade and business organisations, PRWeekes clients make headlines in business Press, enhancing your SEO.

Readers and listeners attend carefully to third-party testimonials, offering a great opportunity for expansion and meeting competition head-on.

Eye-catching photography is part of a highly-affordable package to help Press articles to be used prominently.

Speechwriting, copywriting, and crisis management services also draw on a background of specialist journalism on the Birmingham Post and Evening Mail, and PR agencies.

This cost-effective public relations service is enjoyed by a range of clients, from the professions to construction and service industries, and from IT software creators to charities, including Acorns Children’s Hospice, where Derek Weekes is also part-time Press and Media Officer.

They benefit from experience in producing monthly magazines and newsletters for healthcare and other organisations, and also in proofreading, and editing publications.

PRWeekes offers a path toward raising profiles to attract interest and web traffic.

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Please call now to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss how your business can join the many who are already benefiting:

Company Name: PRWeekes
Contact Name: Derek Weekes
Tel: 01902 827884 / Mobile 07837 985774
Email: info@prweekes.co.uk